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Welcome to Veterans Elementary School!

Veterans Elementary School provides a safe, nurturing, supportive learning environment for every member of the school community. We foster the continuous academic and social growth of all students by engaging them in challenging, enriching learning experiences that meet their individual needs and prepare them for life in the 21st century. This is accomplished by immersing students in a Common Cores Standards curriculum, which demonstrates relevance to their lives, provides in-depth experiences in all curricular areas and provides a strong foundation for future learning. The building blocks of the academic program are commitment, competency, communication, and collaboration.

Staff members take responsibility for basing instruction on best practices by engaging in ongoing professional development through research, reading, and collaboration. Teachers are adept at using ongoing assessments and data to guide instruction. Emphasis is placed on adherence to grade level content standards, ongoing assessment, differentiation, and grade level collaboration. Techniques, strategies, and results are shared with parents on an ongoing basis, thereby giving parents the opportunity to be true partners in the academic growth of their children.

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